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Our Four Step Electronic Annual Review

Electronic Use
1. Click on the Annual Review link.
    - There will be two options to either open the file or save it. Please select “Save File”.
    - The file should automatically save to your desktop.
2. Filling in the Annual Review
    - Open the Annual Review from your desktop
    - Start typing.
    - If any of the writing seems to “disappear” or hide on you, select the cell that you typed it in and it
     will all reappear. The excel spread sheet will be wrapping your text around the existing text of the
     document, so if you see something magically “disappear,” don’t worry. It’s still there.
3. Save the changes
    - Select file and “save”
4. Submitting your Annual Review
    - Using Outlook
        • Open your email account
        • Open up a new email
        • Fill in the following necessary information
              o To:
              o Subject: Annual Review
        • On the top menu click “Insert” and select “file”
              o Click desktop
              o Select the file (Annual_Review)… and now you can send the email.
    - The directions above should fit most email providers, but if they do not, please email
Printable Use
If you wish to print your Annual Review, you can return it several other ways.
    1. Returning via Mail
          Universal Mortgage Architects
          101 - 5190 Dublin Way
          Nanaimo Bc V9T0H2
    2. Returning via Fax
          Nanaimo 250-758-4181
          Port Coquitlam 604-813-5115
    3. Returning on Foot
We always love the opportunity to see our old clients, so feel free to stop by and drop off your Annual
Review. If we are not in when you stop by, you can slip it into our mailbox (Nanaimo) or leave it at the
front (Port Coquitlam); we will call you to ensure that we received it.
Thank you for your time and we look forward to being in touch, once again.

Annual Review Form




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